Clothing that comforts

  • Your father moved into a new assisted living home.
  • Your friend has limited mobility from an accident.
  • Your aging mother needs help dressing herself.

Finding EasyWear clothing that comforts doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! We’ve specially designed our warm garments to have a range of comfortable options that make dressing easier, from front openings and deep easy-on sleeves to simple lines and handy pockets!

Janska garments have been specially designed to comfort those you love. From hospital stays to recovery at home, to just trying to stay warm- the coziness and ease of our garment designs will comfort the hearts and bodies of those you love!
Special Circumstances New Moms Care Giving
Special Circumstances New Moms Care Giving
Make a hospital stay a warm experience with cozy Janska garments that show you care. Comfort a new mother and baby with warm Polar fleece in stylish Janska designs! A comfortable, easy solution for when the simple act of dressing is not so simple.